Friday, December 28, 2012

Mussings and Memories

This morning while driving Hubby to work, I noticed the field across from his office had a layer of frost on it. I was instantly transported back to grade school, on those cold mornings when we'd look for any way to get warm. We'd see a frost covered field and it became an ice skating rink. We had a very large field, so there'd be 20-30 kids running and sliding on the grass.

As the weekend approaches, we're all in different stages of winter crud. Girl is, hopefully, on the downswing, while Hubby, Boy, and I are all just starting to get sick. I had hoped Boy and I could get away without catching it, but he's all stuffed up and coughing, and I've got a nasty sore throat, I'm stuffy, and, if I still had tonsils, they'd be swollen.

We had plans this weekend, hopefully we'll all feel well enough to continue them.

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